Playhouse in the Park

The Murray-Calloway County Community theatre, Playhouse in the Park, was founded January 1977 and the Board immediately began looking for a permanent home. They inquired about the old Murray Freight Depot – an unused, dilapidated building owned by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. This began a 2 ½ year cooperative effort on the part of city officials, county officials, and members of the board to obtain the depot as a home for community theatre.

The Depot was moved to its location in Central Park in the fall of 1979. In June 1980, the depot opened with “Wizard of Oz.” Since that time, the theater has produced countless performances in the depot; continued expanding its education services to include classes for preschool age, Box of Frogs and Pail of Tadpoles Youth Theatre, and Old Duffers & Powder Puffers Senior theatre troupe; held classes for the community; conducted workshops for students in the city and county school systems; and has continued to host a popular annual Summer Theater Camp.

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2017 Shows and Camps


Auditions: December 11-12, 2016
Show Dates: January 26-February 5

Director: Lynn Melton


Godspell was the first major musical theatre offering from three-time Grammy and Academy Award winner, Stephen Schwartz (Wicked), and it took the world by storm. A small group of people helps Jesus Christ tell different parables by using a wide variety of games, storytelling techniques, and a hefty dose of comic timing. An eclectic blend of songs, ranging in style from pop to vaudeville, is employed as the story of Jesus' life dances across the stage. Dissolving hauntingly into the Last Supper and the Crucifixion, Jesus' messages of kindness, tolerance and love come vibrantly to life.


Auditions: January 30-31
Show Dates: March 10-19
Director: Lisa Cope

Steel Magnolias was the winner of the Playhouse patrons’ vote for the show they most wanted to see brought back for the theatre’s 40th anniversary! 

The action is set in Truvy's beauty salon where all the ladies who are "anybody" come to have their hair done. Helped by her eager new assistant, Annelle (who is not sure whether or not she is still married), the outspoken, wise-cracking Truvy dispenses shampoos and free advice to the town's rich curmudgeon, Ouiser; an eccentric millionaire, Miss Clairee; and the local social leader, M'Lynn, whose daughter, Shelby (the prettiest girl in town), is about to marry a "good ole boy." The story moves to the sudden realization of their mortality, but also draws on the underlying strength—and love—which give the play, and its characters, the special quality to make them truly touching, funny and marvelously amiable company in good times and bad.



Auditions: March 13-14
Show Dates: April 27-May 7
Director: Lisa Cope 

Once Upon a Mattress is a fun, musical re-telling of “The Princess and the Pea”. Carried on a wave of wonderful songs, by turns hilarious and raucous, romantic and melodic, this rollicking spin on the familiar classic of royal courtship and comeuppance provides for some side-splitting shenanigans. Chances are you’ll never look at fairy tales quite the same way again.



Informational Meeting: February 27
Show Dates: June 16-25
Director: Holly Bloodworth

Playhouse in the Park was honored in 2014 to become the seventh theatre in the country to be a part of The Penguin Project. The project has been wildly successful- with the Artists, the Mentors, the Creative Team, the Families, and the Audiences! The Penguin Project was created by Dr. Andrew Morgan and brings together Artists, who are children and young adults with disabilities, and Peer-Mentors who provide on-stage support. The Penguins will take the stage to perform a modified version of a well-known Broadway musical. Watch for an announcement soon about the 2017 Penguin Project show!


Camp: July 17-28
Show Dates: July 28-August 1
Director: Marci Gardner-Edmonds

Join our popular Summer Theatre Camp for ages 6 (must have completed kindergarten) through age 12. Junior Counselor positions are available for ages 13 and older. Watch for exciting details! Registration will open April 10, 2017.


Auditions: July 24-25
Show Dates: September 8-17
Director: Lissa Graham-Schneider

The play is set in the dining room of a typical well-to-do household, the place where the family assembles daily for breakfast and dinner and for any and all special occasions. The action is comprised of a mosaic of interrelated scenes—some funny and some touching. The actors change roles, personalities and ages as they portray a wide variety of characters, from little boys to stern grandfathers, and from giggling teenage girls to Irish housemaids. Dovetailing swiftly and smoothly, the varied scenes coalesce, ultimately, into a theatrical experience of exceptional range, compassionate humor and abundant humanity.


Auditions: September 11-12
Show Dates: October 27-November 5
Director: Rusty Jones

All is fair in love? Even murder? That's the question posed by this light and funny suspense comedy about a love triangle in a Howard Johnson Motor Inn. A three scene love triangle involving a woman, her lover, and her husband. In the first scene the wife and her lover plot to murder the husband. In the second scene the wife and her husband are plotting to murder the lover. The third scene has the husband and the lover plotting to murder the wife - but this attempt, like the others, fails.


Auditions: October 16-17
Show Dates: December 7-17
Director: Marian Bradtke

Anne of Green Gables is a delightful, upbeat musical about a red-haired orphan with a vivid imagination who wins the hearts of her new caretakers and the village she adopts as home in spite of a poor start by being a “mistake” as “they clearly requested a boy”. The cast covers a wide range of ages and the songs are well dispersed throughout. What a wonderful Christmas gift for the community!


*All photos courtesy of Playhouse in the Park